Innovative Security Solutions - Security is in our DNA.

Protect and secure all interactions with the organization through continuous authentication, monitoring and analysis.

Access Control

Every organization must pay close attention to how they store, access, and protect their assets.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows organizations to remain flexible and focus on business operations – not managing complex IT infrastructure.

Cyber Security

Make informed risk decisions and maintain a healthy cyber environments through continuously monitoring all devices and every access request.

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Automate and Streamline your Security Approach

Since 1992, the mission of 1 Volt Associates has been to serve the security needs of our clients – today and into the future. We ensure our clients do not risk having any of their essential services breached or interrupted through the design and implementation of innovative and vigorous electronic, physical and cyber security measures.

Businesses & Corporations
Systems Integrators
Security & Cyber Consultants
Municipalities & Government

For 30 years, 1 Volt Associates has brought established security industry brand names and emerging innovative manufacturers to our clients. When clients have questions about security vulnerabilities, we find the answers quickly using our collective experience and partnerships with the finest manufacturers of security equipment and services in the industry.

1 Volt Associates provides technical consultations, surveys, and security and safety solutions. We specialize in all aspects of security infrastructure and IoT for both on-premise and cloud use. 

Serving Your Security Needs – Today and In the Future

Access Control

Access Control

We employ solutions to identify, neutralize and handle threats to personal safety, property access, and business security and stability so the organization is not vulnerable to security threats or business interruption.

Access Control

Video Monitoring

Products utilizing leading-edge technology and robust security software allow us to offer a broad portfolio of investigative, deterrent, and assessment solutions that address a wide range of security challenges.

Access Control

Power Management

Power management is crucial to help oversee energy consumption, control business costs, and minimize risk. Because energy needs vary by organization, we evaluate individual demands, risk levels, and growth plans.

Access Control


Businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks, data theft, and breach of privacy and data protection laws. We protect all categories of data from theft or damage for businesses, organizations, and government.

Access Control

Emergency Management

We design and implement systems to integrate all activities necessary to construct, maintain, and continuously improve a business or community’s ability to mitigate natural and man-made threats.

Access Control

Cloud Services

We provide straightforward, consistent, and dependable off-site computing storage and security for access to applications and resources, without the need for internal hardware or infrastructure.

We provide leading edge solutions for protecting or enhancing your security platforms. Our partnerships with product vendors include NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), TAA (Trade Agreements Act) and BAA (Buy American Act) compliant products to protect our clients in the best ways possible.

Security for Today's Organizations

Our partnerships with leading cyber and security product and software companies allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients. We can provide effective security for physical property and plant, as well as protection from online threats.

Cameras & Switches

Power Backup & Solar

Emergency Stations

Security Lighting

Wireless Fiber Cables

Mantraps & Lock Control Systems

Access Control Biometric Multi-Factor