Power Management

Ensuring that power capacity is in line with power demand at any time.

When you want to secure your enterprise, you have to incorporate power management into the equation. Equipment has become so much smarter and interconnected now, and new vulnerabilities continue to present themselves. Power backup devices and plans are necessary for effective cybersecurity, as well as security risk controls. Solar power offers both an effective supplemental power source, as well as backup emergency power.

  • Emergency Power Grids
  • Vertical Solar Panels
  • Expandable Power
  • Access Control Power
  • Network Power Management
  • Mercury Redundant Power

The power management vendors and products that we use have been certified for greater peace of mind to our clients. We continuously look for ways to advance power management measures, and add new solutions to networks and security protocols.

Our solar power options include flat and octagon assemblies with 360-degree pole mounted solar power remote applications for security, lighting, charging stations, and more.