Persistent Authentication

It is more important than ever to have a strategy in place to address cyber security.

Organizations rely on data nearly every moment of operation, from daily functions to making critical business decisions. Putting data at risk is putting the entire performance of the enterprise at risk. Protecting technology and data is protecting the organization itself.

With more users and devices accessing business networks, more employees accessing business data using unsecured public networks in locations around the world, and more data than ever being produced, many organizations leave themselves extremely vulnerable to cyber threats.

  • End-User Devices
  • Data Center Resources
  • Networking Systems
  • Cloud Services
  • Ethernet, Video, SCADA & Mobility Data
  • Military-Grade Network & OT Devices
  • Smart Pole Technology & Network Utility Poles

Hackers and other criminals are using highly sophisticated methods to target businesses of all sizes and all industry sectors. There are also security dangers involving human error or natural disaster that could be devastating. Losing access to company data means a disruption in operations which can have significant impact on profitability.

At 1 Volt, we put a plan in place to protect the entire network infrastructure with cybersecurity that denies unauthorized access, and prevents alteration, deletion, or theft of data.